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Conch resin door series products overview

Conch resin door series include: resin door, skirting line, resin board (bookshelf, desk, partition etc),door,window, furniture (office table, conference table, lockers etc) and hardware. They are widely used in decoration for home, school, hospital, pharmaceutical factories hotel and etc. The specifications of resin door are single door, unequal double door, double door, sliding door, rebated door etc.

Conch resin door series use Germen and Austrian foaming extrusion producing line, mould and thermal transfer printing technology. The whole body of product is resin material, excluding any other additives. Products have passed the strict test from National Chemical Building Materials Test Center. Products do not contain formaldehyde or benzene and have such good characteristics as water resistance, mould proof, mothproof, sound proof and heat retaining properties. Products have also passed SGS test and have good antibacterial effects.