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Installation and using guidance

Protection before installation

1 Doing registration and inbound inspection in time.
2 Stacking requirement:flat placed, height should not be higher than 1m;door sash frames and sashes should not be placed leaning on the wall; Door frames are prohibited to placed upside down in case to destroy the 45 degree corner; Heavy stuffs cannot put on the doors or sashes. It would be better that the stock are put away from the aisle or cross-operation workshop; Stay away from fire.
3 It’s not allowed to open the package when the installation condition is not ready(the hole on the wall has not been painted, indoor decoration has not been finished).

Attention during installation

1 Check the size whether the drawing is the same as actual measurement.
2 Check if the all the accessories are complete when unpacking.
3 Carton papers should be put under the frames when the frames are jointed in case they are scratched. Pay attention to the beauty of 45°corner (color pen can be used to paint on 45°corner in case slightly showing white.)
4 When installing the louver, attention must be paid that the door sash and the rubber seal strip should be tight, but not too much tight to press the strip in case there will be wear in the long term. The upper space of the door sash should be within 3mm.
5 When installing lash door and double door, bolts on both s should be fixed and the right angle of the lock panel should be slightly modified by blade.
6 Crossover operation is forbidden during installation. Frames and sashes that are installed can not be used as delivery channels.
7 If the wall needs painting after installation, the door frames and sashes need to be protected by using PET film or polyester film. Adhesive tape is strictly prohibited from using for protection.

Maintenance after installation

1 Heavy stuffs are prohibited from hanging on the door.
2 Avoid sharp scrape and electricity, welding spark burn or scald the surface of the door.
3 The surface of the door cannot directly contact with strong acid or alkali and other corrosion chemicals in case destroy the film on the surface.
4 Use soft cotton cloth to wipe the stains on the surface. Use neutral detergent, toothpaste or special cleaning detergent for furniture to clean if the dirt is thick, followed by dry rub.
5 If the metal or glass decoration become loose, you should use the glue to stick them or contact with the local distributor.
6 If the film fall off, it can be innocent pasted again using film with similar grains to ensure the elegance.
7 Hardware such as lock and base knob are vulnerable parts, please tighten or replace them when they are loose or demaged.