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Conch resin door products characteristics

Products of Conch new material company adopt CELUK foaming technology. Products have hollow structure using resin material as whole body and are natural antiseptic and antibacterial. The surfaces are thermal transfer printed, ensuring the environmental level at above E0 level. Products have the following features.

1 Formaldehyde has not been detected, ensuring your human health and to be environmental friendly. Molded door of other brands, according to the media, its formaldehyde content exceeds the standard seriously and will release for 30 years.

2 Moisture absorption rate is 0.35%, Outstanding waterproof and antimycotic ability. Water absorption rate of wood is normally 20%.

3 Burning rate is B1 level(hard to burn).Foam doors can meet the fire safety requirements of all indoor places.

4 Have past SGS antibiosis test, creating a clean living environment.

5 Sound insulation rate is level 6. Heat conduction coefficient is 2.4. Foam door can decrease the waste of energy and has remarkable energy saving effect.

6 Hollow skinning foam production by Celuka method with high strength, surface hardness level reaches 62D.Impact strength is 28.4, 2.4 times of standard and can ensure the foam door to be durable in use.

7 Resin materials can effectively prevent the erosion of termites, are preferred products in termites area.

8 Humanized design. The corner of resin doors and windows are all designed using circular arc to slow down the injury that may caused. Meanwhile the unique hollow design can reduce the weight of the door leaf, make it easy to open and can adapt to high frequency of open.