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1. Conch resin ecological door is compounded by polymer resin, using good recipes in the production process. No methyl alcohol are detected and no pollution will caused. Conch resin door is the best choice for a healthy home life.

2. Conch resin ecological door uses Hard PVC as main material, has good antibiosis and anticorrosion characteristics. Water absorption rate is 0.5%, in contrast of 20% for normal wood. Hence there will be no mould or worm bite even in the wet and airless environment.

3. Conch resin ecological door has good fire retardant feature, reaching B1 national level. It’s hard to burn and doesn’t support burning.

4. High strength and dense crust and uniform distributed foam bubbles of Conch resin ecological door dramatically decrease the cross- ventilation and heat transfer, thus has good heat preservation and energy conservation performance.

5. Conch resin ecological door are produced based on CELUKA principle, having features such as high hardness, good mechanical property. Tensile strength is 18MPa, impact strength reaches 27kj/m2 and bending strength reaches 37MPa by test, much higher than national technical standard.

6. Conch resin ecological door uses hollow structure and sandwich foaming technology. The weight of whole set door is only 30 kg, dramatically increase the convenience in daily use.

7. Conch resin ecological door is formed in one time under high temperature and pressure. There are no joints on the surface. Material is physical stable. The scientific hollow structure design enable the door to have excellent deformation property.

8. Conch resin ecological door is recyclable because the main raw material is PVC. On the other side, the film on the surface of the door can also be fixed if it was damaged and still achieve the good effect as the previous grain did.